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1. Top Quality Produce, Certified Organic and All Home Grown!


Our produce goes all over Australia to all types of organic outlets.  We take great pride in what we do and what we sell. We ONLY sell what we grow!


2. No Poisonous Chemicals!


We have been growing organically for over 35 years now, just like our ancestors did here at Mount Sylvia back in 1885. We enjoy growing crops in harmony with mother nature!


3. Extremely Fertile Soils

Bauerʼs Organic Farm is located at Mt Sylvia in the very fertile and protected upper reaches of Blackfellow Creek in the Lockyer Valley. The Lockyer is in the ʻTop Ten Most Fertile Farming Areas in the Worldʼ and we are in the most fertile area of all. With some of the richest soils in the world to grow our produce in itʼs no wonder the vegies taste so good and the lucerne is so good for your livestock.


Our soils are unique in that they are derived from two parent rocks. The mountains at the top of our valley are volcanic basalt, renowned for being very fertile soils. The mountains lower down are sandstone based and grew lush softwood scrub (dry rainforest). Some 350 species of trees, shrubs and vines grew on these lighter fertile soils. The valley floor, where we farm, is made up of alluvial soils deposited there over the centuries by water and combining the soils from the sandstones and basalts. 


These fertile soils on our farm range from 5 to 25 metres deep! They are so fertile that, when farmed organically for long enough, they donʼt need composts and other organic inputs. We simply grow a green mulch crop of Dolichos Lab Lab, a nitrogen fixing legume, for the 6 months between crops and turn that back into soil before the next crop. We also use crop rotations.


When farmed organically, as nature intended, it is easy for the plants to take up the many nutrients in these lush soils. Hence the vegetables and lucerne contain all the nutrition they are meant to. Thatʼs why they look and taste so good. The soil is alive!

4. We Don't Use Composted Feedlot Manures


We don't use compost made from feedlot manures (even if they are an allowed organic input).  We have concerns about the use of these products.  You can be assured that you are getting a top quality product from us without the risks.

Super fertile soil
Happy water fowl.

5. Pure Mountain Spring Water


Our plentiful water supply comes from the underground aquifer of crystal clear Blackfellow Creek. The water is pure and good enough to drink, being filtered through the sands and gravels of the natural creek system. This beautiful spring water comes from the rainforests located at the top of the vast catchment area of volcanic basalt mountains, peaking at 1044m above sea level. These mountains are located in the Main Range National Park, part of the Great Dividing Range. The Main Range National Park is listed as a Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.


6. An Ideal Growing Climate


South East Queensland provides the ideal climate for growing vegies, lucerne, grain etc and our very close proximity to major transport networks means that produce can be delivered all over Australia and beyond in a short space of time, arriving fresh and nutritious.

7. Generations of Farming


Another factor in producing our multi-award winning vegies is that we have generations of farming knowledge. Rob's great-grandparents settled at Mount Sylvia in 1885 and the Bauer family have farmed the land here ever since. In fact, Bauer is German for Farmer!

8. We Love What We Do


We love our organic farming lifestyle and enjoy living and working in our own organic and biodynamic patch of paradise. We take pride in our vegetables and lucerne, so we are diligent in our grading and aim to only sell top quality produce. 


9. Our Farms are Registered Smoke-Free Zones

Bauerʼs Organic Farm has been a ʻsmoke-freeʼ zone since 25 June 2012 (when the policy came into affect) and is committed to honour this promise to our customers and ensure that your food is grown on smoke-free farms!
Our smoke-free policy combats the damaging effects of smoking and passive smoking and creates a healthy workplace for employees, us and our customers.   Our Smoke-Free Policy was developed with assistance from the Queensland Cancer Council and Queensland Health and is registered with Queensland Health.

10. Recognised Nationally


Backing up our claims that our produce is good, we have received a number of national awards, including a Vogue Produce Awards Gold Medal (Australiaʼs foremost food awards at the time). Many of Australiaʼs top chefs are also avid fans of our vegies enjoying them for their flavour.

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