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Thank You to the following amazing chefs and public figures who enjoy and promote our vegies .....

We have mentioned on another page that Kylie Kwong (chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter) is a fan of our vegies - Click here to view - and we are so lucky to have a range of other amazing chefs who appreciate the flavour of our produce.  We have had the pleasure of working with many of them at various food shows and producer dinners over many years and are proud to call them friends.  Here's a few you might know ......

Eddie Townsend

Ridges Bistro

Ash Martin

Spicer's Hidden Vale

Dominique Rizzo

Putia Pure Foods Kitchen

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Matt Golinski

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Alison Alexander

Queensland Food Fellow

Maq Radebe & Jason Forsyth

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Alastair McLeod
Al'FreshCo Catering

Fun-loving Alastair has featured on various TV shows including The Great South East and Ready, Steady, Cook.  Alastair and his wife Ashleigh run their own catering company Al'FreshCo Catering.  Alastair is also the Official Food Ambassador for the Lockyer Valley.


Kylie Kwong

Billy Kwong Restaurant

Tony Tierney

Ocean View Estates

Glen Barratt

Wild Canary

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Kym Machin

Bare Bones Society

Justin North

Hotel Centennial

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And some more supporters and farm visitors whom you might recognise .....


Gardening Australia

Ranger Stacey

Totally Wild

Matt Miller

The Couch

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Karina Carvahlo

ABC News Queensland

Cassandra Hough

ABC Rural Reporter

Victoria Carthew

Queensland Weekender

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Laurel Edwards

The Great South East

Lee Mylne & Kerry Heaney

Travel witer/blogger and Food writer/blogger

Darrell & Chelsea Hawkins

Food writers/bloggers - AmeriAus

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