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KYLIE KWONG - It Tastes Better

Kylie Kwong is on very passionate chef and writer.  We have been featured in many publications but certainly right up there in the favourites list is our whole chapter in Kylie's book "It Tastes Better".

Kylie first found our produce at a Wholefoods Store in Sydney many years ago and said that the taste was one of the things that convinced her she needed to go organic at her famous Billy Kwong Restaurant.

In researching for her book she spent time at our farm with her photographer Simon Griffiths and we all had a ball.  Her genuine passion and enthusiasim for fresh produce (and life) is infectious.  

Since that time we have remained firm friends with Kylie and she has invited Rob to speak a various events on stage with her, while cooking our produce.

The book is still available and we can highly recommend it for it's great stories of the people behind the produce!

Photos:  Kylie at the farm being photographed for the book, and below left, interviewing Rob in the sweet corn for the story.  Below right:  Spending time with Trude on the Bauer's Organic Farm stand at an Organic Expo in Sydney.

It was great to be able to attend the book launch at Paddington in Brisbane.  Kylie spent the next 6 weeks touring the country and using Rob's story of why he went organic as an example of what the book was all about.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a banquet at Kylie's famous restaurant Billy Kwong's and were treated like 'kings and queens' by her doting staff.  The food was amazing, so fresh and delicious, and I just couldn't have eaten another thing!

Below:  On stage with Kylie at an Organic Expo and also another food show in Sydney.

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