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Rob's Organic Story ...... (grab a cuppa - it's a looong one!).  Just kidding!!!

"I started growing organically in the early 1980's after initially farming with chemicals as my father had done.  At that time there wasn't really a market for organic produce but I felt that there wasn't much future (literally) in doing it the chemical way.  Too many of my local farming neighbours were ending up with cancer and leukaemia and dying in their 50's and 60's.  


I started to think about how the Aboriginal people lived here and ate from the land .... our farms are all on Blackfellow Creek. I also thought about how my grandparents and great-grandparents farmed here.  They did it organically!  


There were no chemicals around and with some of the best soil in the world here in this valley, they grew beautiful crops. Organic is nothing new, it's just the way our ancestors farmed.


I'm especially pleased that little kids who don't really have a say in what they eat are now getting our nutritious vegies free of chemicals, gmo's and other nasties.  Just pure, wholesome food.  


We have been fortunate to recieive lots of great media coverage from TV to magazines, newspapers and even a whole chapter in Kylie Kwong's popular book "It Tastes Better" (click on the cover pictured on right to read the story). 


Our produce is available at organic outlets throughout Australia including organic stores, greengrocers, home delivery outlets and weekend markets".




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