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Welcome to Bauer's Organic Farm!

Here's a quick little video of harvesting potatoes.  Have the 'sound on' and go 'full screen' for a relaxing experience!!



We are fully Certified Organic with Australian Certified Organic and are also Freshcare Certified, and we grow great tasting vegies in some of the best soil in the world! 


My great grandparents were pioneers of farming in the Mount Sylvia area of the fertile Lockyer Valley, South East Queensland, Australia, settling here in 1885 and growing organically of course.  


After starting my farming life using chemicals I went back to growing organically

in the early 1980's.  Please feel free to have a good look around our website.

We hope you enjoy it.   There's a few quick photos in the slideshow, bottom right and a

great little video above, to give you an idea of what we do.

Rob Bauer


Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for buying our produce! 

Rob, Phil and Trude



Please feel free to leave us a message with your details in case a position becomes available on our farm.

We get lots of applications ....... but we will certainly contact you if a farm worker job becomes vacant.


Thank you for applying.  We wish you all the best!

Message successfully sent!!! Thank you.

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