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Ebony (Bellambie Smokestack)


Eby was a jet black registered Stock Horse mare.  Like Buff she was very successful on the SEQ Ag show circuit, easily qualifying for Royals.  


I've always been a fan of keeping things simple and with a horse like Ebony I never felt the need to feed her expensive elaborate grain mixes or additives.  She lived on a few acres of couch grass, pretty dry and light on most of the time, but I always fed her good qualtiy lucerne hay (organic when I could).  She absolutely thrived on it.  


I was regularly asked by friends and fellow competitors exactly WHAT I was feeding her. She absolutely glowed.  When I answered truthfully those who knew how honest I am understood, but the odd person would reply, very indignantly with "Well you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I suppose"!!!  They couldn't believe that I wasn't feeding lots of grains, oils, supplements etc etc.  She just couldn't look that good on lucerne hay alone!!!  


I've had many competition horses over the years and only a couple that I fed grains and supplements to, mainly to add condition or spark up one very lazy mare for her showjumping and sporting events, otherwise I've tried to keep it simple.  


Bauer's Organic Farm is in a super fertile valley (the Lockyer Valley is in the Top Ten Most Fertile Farming Areas in the World!!) renowned for it's good qualtiy deep soils and very good quality water. The current crop of organic lucerne is grown in soil that is alive, allowing the product to have the full package of nutrients available.  Rob is very exerienced at hay growing and know's the technique in making 'good' hay.


I wanted to share Eby's story with you to show just what can be achieved with very nutrient rich organic lucerne hay.   


Trudy Townson

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